Semi Truck Accident Attorneys Near Me


semi truck accident attorneys near me

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A commercial truck driver requires patience and skills that are beyond the ordinary. They are responsible for safety and well-being of children riding on school buses.

Semi Truck Accident Attorneys Near Me

Sometimes, you can see these semi-truck double tandem and single tandem transport trucks traveling along our roads. The extremely large tow trucks can also be used for hauling away bus cabs and disabled tractor-trailer trailer cabs.

Truck Accident

Interstate commerce is vital because of its importance to America’s economy. Transport of oil products, fresh produce and milk is vital to our economy.

The increased risk of injury and death from truck accidents involving CDL truck drivers is an “acceptable” fact. The federal government regulates big-rig trucks and drivers, as well as the owners of the trucks.

A federal Department of Transportation branch oversees this extra safety commitment for high-risk transportation. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is responsible for ensuring that these drivers comply with safety regulations across the country. Only drivers who have completed advanced road safety training are eligible to obtain a commercial driver’s license.

Some truck drivers, and trucking companies that employ them, can get behind schedule and push for “time of delivery” issues. Some owners also ignore the mandatory, regular safety inspections of big trucks that must be done. To get justice, you will need to hire a lawyer for big truck accidents.

Truck Accident Cases

Non-compliance has led to catastrophic incidents where truck owners failed to fix or replace the faulty air brake system of a commercial truck. This could have resulted in fatal crashes. Another situation was when a logbook of a truck driver was altered illegally to hide the number hours spent on the road without sufficient rest. Another case involved a driver who was watching pornography on his cell phone just prior to a fatal crash.

Our firm represents people who are injured or have lost loved ones due to truck accidents. Two truck accident lawyers provide aggressive and prudent representation for victims of accidents as well as their families.

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In some cases, insurance companies might try to settle claims faster than you speak with an attorney. In some cases, they might appear to be doing you a favour by allowing you to get compensation faster than if you consult with an attorney first. This is not always in your best interest, especially if you have a claim for injuries resulting from truck accidents.

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The truck drivers are responsible for keeping good records about their trips and maintaining their vehicles. They are responsible for ensuring that loads are properly stacked (not too high so as to not be able clear underpasses), and are “batten down” using chains, ropes or other tethering techniques.

The driver must ensure that they get the necessary rest to be able legally drive their large rig. Trucking companies should also ensure that drivers and trucks are properly supervised. Trucking companies will be adding GPS 24-hour tracking and in-cab cameras to help keep their drivers safe in 2022.

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Our attorneys have extensive experience in complex truck accident cases. We can help you determine what benefits you may be entitled to depending on your injury.

Do you know that there are more than eleven million active trucks in the United States? Many of these vehicles have overworked drivers and hazardous material-carrying drivers. There were nearly ninety per cent of large truck crashes in 2016, with humans causing roughly 95%. A Harvard study revealed that approximately 25% of truck drivers are asleep while driving, but only 50% of professional truck drivers reported this same problem.

Your life can change quickly if you have so many truck drivers who depend on the highways for their daily commute. Trucks weigh between 20-30 percent and 30 percent more than the average car. This can greatly increase the severity of accidents.

Semi Truck Accident Attorneys Near Me

An attorney is essential if you are in an accident with truck. Truck drivers often have millions of dollars in insurance and can be sued for negligence by multiple parties. Having a lawyer on your side will ensure that your case is dealt with professionally. It is not easy to identify all insurance lines in trucking accidents. Trucks and trailers are frequently insured by various companies. Either one or both could be guilty of negligence.

There can be a lot of confusion after a truck accident. It is important to ensure that the police are contacted immediately in case of any burns or injuries. Police will collect extensive information, including statements and photos from witnesses and all parties involved. You should also document any witness statements, if possible. You can take photos of any damage done to the vehicle, as well as any injuries sustained by you or your passengers. This will help ensure the police don’t miss any important details.  Semi Truck Accident Attorneys Near Me


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